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I went online to see if there was anything that I could do to revive my ailing azaleas, not the dead ones, there is no Lazarus serum for them lol, but I was hoping that I would find something, alas the only thing that I found was what not to do when planting azalea, plant them with exposure to afternoon sun and/or wind corridors. Unfortunately these are precisely the two things I did, however, I imagine that if these past two winters hadn’t been as devastating as they were, I might have had an easier time with my azaleas.

So now I am contemplating transplanting them to another shadier location, sheltered, that gets great morning sun exposure followed by the afternoon spent in shade. I hope that if I get it done this weekend, it will give them both the time to get stronger in order to thrive and survive next winter. What is the worse that can happen? They can’t do any worse where I move them than what they are experiencing now.


Regrettably I am having similar issues with my creeping pholx, but I am not going to transplant them. I hope that they will recover on their own, they were so healthy each and every year up until now, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe having a few more weeks to recover will allow them the opportunity to grow.

I am still such a neophyte when it comes to gardening. Happily I do enjoy both the challenge and the learning process that comes with gardening.