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Yesterday I was sweating and today I am in long sleeves and loving it. June has just begun, so we have more than enough time for sweaty days down the road, give me as many temperate days as possible with gentle breezes. I took this picture from our second floor to get a different perspective, I used the tool in the editing area to enhance the picture. 

Here is the original:

I can see the difference, you see the haze in the original and the image isn’t as crisp as the enhanced picture, I am not sure what the enhance feature actually does, but I do like the results.

Actually this is the period of the growing season that is my all-time favorite; everything is well delineated from each other, there is still an architectual feel to the plant layout and it looks as elegant as I could ever hope to get it.

I enjoy the vibrant colors of the irises, the creeping phlox, the varigated hostas and the budding peonies. The growth pattern will be determined by rain, sun and temperatures; things out of my control, so my aesthetic preferences aside, I am slowly learning to go with the flow of Mother Nature and not be so determined to bend the natural world to my will. I who adore Greek mythology should really take Sysaphus’ punishment as a lesson, some things do not have to be like that huge boulder pushed up the mountain, step back and enjoy what nature grants you.