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Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you

Believe it or not, whenever I get a whiff of Fantastic with oxycleaning bubbles, it transports me back to France, walking down the corridor towards my uncle’s offices off the main house. That particular scent wasn’t originated by Fantastic because when I was little, I remember that smell way before Fantastic found oxyclean, however I buy it now just for the memories triggered.

The minute I smell paper being burned, I am transported back in time to the days that my grandfather in France would take the dogs down to the end of the property and do his daily burning of trash, old newspapers and what not and it is a memory that I cherish.

There is a vegetable soup simmering on the stovetop smell, that is unique to my aunt’s kitchen and I have yet to smell it elsewhere, my nose has searched for that delectable smell over the years and to this day there is only one place that it lives and that is where my aunt and uncle call home.