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Why Jack why? He escaped twice yesterday, luckily he was returned by our next door neighbors, Jill and Chris, Jack was shaking, he isn’t used to bring carried by other people, but has he stopped from trying again? No.

The first picture of the stones and fence with the hosta is where Jack escaped from, I found the small space he had made for himself by dislodging all of the rocks with his powerful forelegs, those rocks had been put there when I puppy proofed the perimeter of our entire fenced backyard five years ago. Hopefully, the wood and the heavier stone will deter him from future escapes.

The second picture is where I found him earlier this afternoon, he is searching for the weakest link, I don’t know why, Jack is ruled by his belly, I know he is a pretty good hunter, but living out in the wild doesn’t get your tummy fed twice a day like clockwork.

Thank goodness Lulu hasn’t joined Jack in his naughty scheme, she spends her time outside pacing the fence that borders our next door neighbor’s yard, they have two dogs and Lulu tries to engage them even when they aren’t there.

I tell you Jack is trying to drive me nuts with worry. The big world outside of his little kingdom can be a dangerous place for a little baby like Jack. I gave him a talking to, a lot of good that will do, according to canine experts, dogs intelligence is comparable to a toddler’s and as an expert on stubborn toddlers, I can tell you that my work is most definitely cut out for me.