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My husband and I planted our Dogwood together, we picked the location and positioned the tree as a team. I tried to take a prettier picture, but I couldn’t find a better perspective from the ground. The tree has to be at least 17 years old, our backyard has gone through a lot of transformation since its planting all those years ago. When we picked the spot, we didn’t take the other trees into consideration which is why our tree lists to the  west where it gets the most sun in the afternoon. We also didn’t have the lower part of the back open the way it is now, our previous fence was right behind the Dogwood, we only opened and expanded the entire backyard to its outer perimeter a few years after we planted this very pretty tree.


These roses, I look forward to their blooms year after year because they, out of all of my roses, smell the sweetest, came with the house so I don’t even know how old they are. I remember spending an entire week digging out and eliminating a huge swath of blackberry bushes that had taken over the rose bushes and they were strangling the roses practically to death. It had to have been at least ten years ago, but I will never forget how much hard work it took to clear that area because the blackberry patch was enormous, those bushes had to have been as old as the roses themselves.

I tried to finish up weeding the area behind the jacuzzi room, but I was just way too exhausted and my joints are very, very achy. There remains about 2 square feet of Bishop Weed left to dig out and sift through the dirt to completely eradicate any strangling bit of pesky roots, it is very time consuming if you want to do it correctly. Well it isn’t as if the Bishop Weed are going anywhere, they will be right there waiting for me when my joints recuperate.