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Dear Laurie Nichols, 
Thank you very much for submitting “The Chic Bootlegger” to Dzanc Books. We have read and reviewed your submission, and unfortunately have decided that it’s not right for us at this time. This is not intended as an overall judgment of your work, but a specific judgment in regard to how it would fit here at Dzanc. We wish you the best of luck in placing your manuscript. 
Also, my apologies for the slow response time on your submission. Thanks again for sending your ms to us, and I hope you’ll consider us for future works. 

Michelle Dotter 

Dzanc Books

This is the second manuscript that they have declined, at least they don’t send form letters and they try hard not to be too harsh or judgemental, but the sting still hurts. I think of all of my friends and fellow writers who are very talented and write constantly, who are also striving to have their work appreciated and heard, I get this letter and I wonder “who am I to think that I am special or different, maybe my story isn’t all that special, maybe my voice is just that, a voice, to be appreciated by friends and family, but not distinct enough to stand out or imaginative or creative enough to merit being transmitted throughout the published world.”

So it is once again back to the drawing board, not just in the garden, but on my manuscript, cutting away all of the superfluous wordage and getting to the heart and meat of the story.

My family has been so supportive, my children have been especially sweet, so have the dogs and my husband, he has given me many a hug, as he always does.