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It’s a very warm and sticky day in Secaucus, N.J, I can’t tell if the haze is from pollution or if it’s the heat, either way, it feels icky. The air is so saturated with humidity, you can practically cut it with a knife.

Tomorrow, we are going to my mother’s, I prefer Astoria to Secaucus, Astoria ia less urban even if it is “urban”. The houses have small gardens and it feels much homier than what I see here in Secaucus. I am sure there are nicer parts of Secaucus, I am just not seeing them right now.

I took some nice pictures over the weekend to tide me over while I was traveling, if I close my eyes I can practically will myself to smell the floral scents of my garden. The wifi is so bad in this hotel, I can’t even upload my pictures.Oh well, I can still look at them and think happy, fragrant thoughts, tomorrow I will have my mother for company, hooray. 

So today I will continue rereading my novel trying to get it as verbally tight, story driven and engagingly told as possible. I am still stuck over what to do with the first 18 pages of my novel, it is my introduction to who Madeleine is as a person, Paris as her city, her family and her circumstances, but I suppose 18 pages, maybe is way too long, but what to cut or how to rearrange. I was thinking that maybe a good hook would be to open up the book with books ending and then tell the story as it happened in the past. I am playing with the idea, I don’t know, I have to think about it some more.