15 - 1

Our car had a troubling issue on Tuesday, while I was driving to Boston. I had thought, the last time we had this problem, it had been taken care of at the dealership. Unfortunately for me I had a four hour drive home because the gear switching thingie wasn’t working and I was crawling along at 40 mph. The dealership was more than accommodating, they lent me a replacement vehicle of my choice and I chose the Smart Car.

This one is brand new and I got flooded with memories of France the minute I sat in the car; fifteen years ago when we were in Paris as a family, our son spied his first Smart Car and he fell in love, we bought him the toy version, he loved that little car, so I was so excited to bring one home.

I had fun driving home, even on the highway, I was zipping along at 70 mph, happy as a lark. I pulled into the driveway and our son, when I walked in the door, asked where is the rest of the car? I laughed, I told him the car was partly a homage to our time in France, he understood immediately.

If anyone can get away with little to no cargo space, I would recommend taking the Smart Car for a spin, especially if you live in a city, parking would be a walk in the park. lol