Our daughter has been practicing with her VW beetle since she got it sometime in the past two weeks. It’s an older one, so it isn’t part of the whole hulabalu that we have been hearing about. This type of corporate malfeasance should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law considering public health and safety are at stake. I’m just glad that our daughter doesn’t have that issue to worry about, she only needs to practice her shifting skills to get over the initial sense of panic at each stop and go. I remember feeling that way when I first learned, it wasn’t enjoyable, but with time and patience, driving stick became second nature and it will be so for our daughter. We took Stanley with us because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone with Lulu and Jack, not that they would do anything to him, but I didn’t want him to cry for us while we were gone. The ride was pretty smooth and she drove us to her school which gave Stanley a chance to take advantage of Mother Nature to take care of business. He was fine in the car, thank goodness he doesn’t suffer from car sickness so far. We all had a really good time together.