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My final harvest was kind of sad in its size, the zucchini and yellow squash were so tiny and the brussel sprouts were tiny balls of cabbage, adorable for a single serving, that’s about it. So I went to work in the kitchen.

I love summer squash any which way it’s prepared, but my favorite is my old stand by, sauteed with onions, the onions are nice and caramelized first and then you add the summer squash, when the squash gives off its liquid, you get a nice “sauce” because the summer squash juices mix in with the caramelization of the onions and at the last second I add chopped garlic, mix it up and voila, an aromatic and sweet melange of summer squash.  I forget to take a picture, but trust me it was delicious.

My small pile of tiny brussel sprouts recieved a very nice treatment, I cut them in half, threw them in a pan with sunflower oil, I chopped proscuitto de parma into bite size pieces and threw them in with the brussel spouts and I finished it with a sprinkling of chopped garlic. Salt and pepper of course and it was seriously really, really good. I sauteed the brussel sprouts alone until they got a little caramelization on them and then I added the proscuitto, I added the garlic at the end because I adore garlic. I will be making this  again, it was that good.