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Stanley was being so cute, he is definitely a ham for the camera, I took his picture because he wasn’t letting me do otherwise. Each picture  taken at ground level  had to be retaken a few times, because Stanley inserted his  paw or his head into the frame, it was very funny.

Mother Nature never disappoints, when I came outside to document the naked trees, the fading colors and the  abundance of fallen leaves everywhere, I didn’t expect to see my spring perennial with two white flowers or my purple azalea hiccup two final blossoms. 

Instead of inspiring me  to write or take pictures, the colorful carpet of leaves across the entire backyard used to fill me with dread, the thought of all that raking  and bagging, ugh. On the bright side those days are long gone, ever since I read that raking and bagging leaves is unnecessary, leaving them to decompose naturally throughout the long winter does wonders for your lawn and keeps our landfills  empty of plastic bags and rotting leaves by the tons.