24 years ago, our son was born at 11:41 at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York, New York. I can’t remember much from the past week, but the few days leading up to our son’s birth are cemented in my brain forever. I’ll never forget him coming into our lives and me panicking at the thought that I was forever going to be responsible for this little baby, I was terrified. Thank goodness my husband and my parents were there and before I knew it, our son and I were bonded together, thick as anything.

Today we are going to have a delicious dinner with all of his favorites, veal scaloppini, broccoli and ice cream cake. He is going to celebrate with his friends of course, but he is making time for food, he is part French after all. lol.

I can’t believe that 24 years have passed, I am now 48 and our son is 24, he has grown into a fine young man. I can still see our baby boy beneath the facial hair and the deep voice, he is so very talented both artistically and musically and he is a sweet, kind man.

We love him so much.