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Do I dare commit yet again to writing or rather attempt to write 50,000 words this month? I could continue Madeleine’s odyssey after Jack, I suppose that could make for another book or at least make it into a series. Instead of “Madeleine and her adventures” the children’s book, it would be “Madeleine the Chic Bootlegger’s grownup adventures”.

I am still sending it off to literary agents, they are slow in getting back to me or perhaps I should take that as a sign? I don’t know, but whatever I decide to do, I will not forget to continue posting here daily. I like writing every day and throwing it up on my blog. I’ve decided that my blog is to my future grandchildren if I ever have any, so that they will know their grandmother a little better on the inside instead of just knowing me as cute little Mamie  who loves to give long hugs and big kisses.