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We decided to being Stanley to Boston with us, just for one night, because before we know it, Stanley will weigh too much to be allowed in most hotels. He’s at the 20 lb mark so we are taking advantage  now. I wasn’t worried about his behavior at the hotel because he is very calm at home, so I couldn’t imagine him being otherwise and I wasn’t wrong.




 With daylight savings time being at an end, Boston came into twilight early which made for some very pretty pictures. Boston at twilight is very pretty, Stanley seemed to not mind it, he was very friendly to everyone who stopped us in order to say hello to our puppy. I know he’s a ham when it comes to the camera, but he is also a ham when it comes to being oohed and aahed over by all the ladies and even some men. 

 The Boston night is a beautiful one, the temperature perfect for multiple walks in the small parks that line Atlantic Avenue, I know Stanley is most appreciative as am I.  He is only 3 months old or almost, November 5 will be 3 months exactly, and as a very young puppy, he needs to go out often, thank goodness it isn’t cold, it makes it easier.