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I am weary of fence repair, Jack is becoming a serious Houdini protege. Our daughter came into the house carrying Jack in her arms this afternoon after finding him walking around our driveway. He is relentless and he uses his role as Alpha male to get Lulu to use her muscle in dislodging stones and lattice that stand in his way to freedom. That’s why I called them the diabolical duo, or if anyone ever watched Animaniacs with their kids in the 1990’s, there was Pinky and the Brain with Jack being the Brain and Lulu Pinky, it was such a cool cartoon, the entire Animaniacs show was brilliant. There was just enough double entendre to make it bearable for grownups to watch , a little like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Back to the fence repair, I went and scrounged around for pieces of wood to plug the damage Lulu had wrought  and it isn’t elegant or attractive, but at least for now, it should do the job of keeping Jack in the backyard. It gets frustrating do this over and over again, Jack has to know that he has it pretty good here, but he is a little stubborn and his nose commands his brain,  or to be accurate his nose probably competes with his stomach over control of his brain. I would be curious to know which part wins most often, his nose or his stomach.. I suppose that his nose could be working for his stomach, but he should realize by now that if his stomach wants to stay happy, his little body needs to stay close to home instead of trying to break free, so I think there is a glitch in the nose-brain-stomach interface.


 As soon as I was finished with the hatchet job, I let Jack and Lulu back outside and Jack ran immediately to the back to check out what I had done. He is incorrigible.