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This is one example of my meager decorating skills, I hadn’t gotten around to cutting down my beautiful ornamental grass, however I was cutting down the beautiful remnants of my errant Bittersweet and then inspiration hit me, why not bring some Bittersweet inside and perhaps drape some Bittersweet outside as well. So voila, my little stab at decorating outside in preparation for the Thanksgiving season.

The Bittersweet I brought inside the house is now in a large white bowl in the dining room, it’s the only Thanksgiving  ornamentation in there, but I did do an orange linen theme in the breakfast nook and the kitchen, it might just be a tablecloth and a few kitchen dish towels, but they look nice, warm and inviting, perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday. I envy those who have decorating skills and talent, however I do try and that should count for something.