What a fantastic movie from start to finish! My husband, our daughter and I went to see it and it was amazing. We cried, shadow boxed, yelped, dodged and weaved, the boxing sequences were brilliantly shot and choreographed. Jordan Knight, who played Adonis Johnson aka Creed, was so believable in this movie as was Phylicia Rashad who played his surrogate mother, I loved their relationship, always beneath the surface yet never lacking in importance.

What can I say about Rocky himself, first an important thing to remember is this is not another Rocky movie or a Rocky movie by proxy, this is very much a young Creed movie, but having said that, Rocky reminded us why we love him so and  why he is the true fighter with a heart of a champion.

My favorite Rocky movies are the first of course and the last Rocky Balboa, these two are for me the quintessential movies that show Rocky’s heart, soul and character and why he is the champion. 

We cried over the poignancy and the heart of the movie, pride was also the source of our tears. This is a movie that grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the last possible second.