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I am so happy, we went to the Springfield Rescue Mission today to drop off a ton of sweaters, jeans, pajamas and warm coats for the poor in preparation for this coming winter. I prefer to drive the extra miles to personally drop off our clothing donations because I know the homeless and poor will get them directly, I used to take advantage of the numerous donations bins stationed around Westfield sponsored by The Salvation Army, but I stopped doing that because in spite of its convenience, I was put off by the fact that those who are most in need don’t even get the clothes, the Salvation Army puts out the donations in their stores to be sold, granted at discounted prices, but still when you are struggling, every single penny is precious. I want my donations to be free and available for those in need.

I know that what I did today is not even a drop in the bucket, in terms of the severity of our poverty problem, homelessness problem and food insecurity problems, but if we all came together and did what we could, while also demanding our government to proactively find solutions to these issues, we could go a long way to eradicate, or at the very least, greatly diminish these problems.