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My doctors have set up my remaining appointments; Friday I meet with the doctor who will be performing the endoscopic ultrasound on Monday morning, January 5th I meet with the psychologist and January 6th I meet with the surgeon, so there is serious movement being made by my doctors and nurses, comforting and unsettling at the same time.

So what better to occupy my thoughts then by playing with butter, flour, eggs, chocolate, heavy cream, pears and sugar? I made two chocolate and pear tarts, one for the Christmas office party and one for the children, they do not like it when their favorite pie leaves the house without them. Lol So I found it is best if I just make two, much less complaining.

It’s been awhile since I made them, they look good, they smelled tasty as they were baking, I hope they taste how they smelled, I always get nervous when I bring something to strangers. There will be other treats, so maybe it will get lost among the others. I’ll wait for the children’s verdict. I’m sure the pies are fine, I get so crazy insecure even after all this time as a home baker, I’m so silly sometimes. Lol