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I picked the movie today, my husband traditionally prefers watching these types of movies at home, after they are out on HBO, but since next week will be the start of my chemo/radiation treatments, I wanted a laugh out loud comedy and my husband was right on board, he loves hearing my laugh out loud, deep from the belly laughter and he wasn’t disappointed.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are the next best comedy duo since Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, I laughed a lot at all of their movies too.

Ride Along 2 had everything I needed, it was funny, exciting, had a good storyline and made sense.

Keven Hart is at the top of his comedy game and his verbalization of the name James is amazing, his various intonations gave “James” so many different meanings, playful, indignant, disappointed, panicked and so on.

Ice Cube is as good of a straight man as they come, which is what makes their pairing so brilliant.

If you need a laugh, go see it, you won’t regret it.