Springtime in New York is magnificent! I have nothing even close to as beautiful near my house as of today, it will come but it isn’t for the immediate future I can tell you that. But as I remind myself, patience is a virtue and my plants are waking up one by one, so my turn will come never fear. What I love about springtime in New York is that it is so big and so bold as only New York can do it because New York is big and bold with everything, from spring to its own New York values, take that stupid Ted Cruz.

I love the lilac, the smell carried me away to the South of France for a brief second, it was a lovely side trip, if only it had happened to me in realtime. I wouldn’t have said no to that kind of trip

The Dogwood blew me away, it is so early for a Dogwood this huge to be completely in bloom, but that is what you get when weather is being crazy. I have one in my backyard, but it won’t even be ready to bloom until late June, I’m not complaining I am lucky to have two springs to enjoy.