I consider it really springtime when the tulips come out from their winter slumber.  As you can see, spring comes much later here in Blandford then it does in New York, I get two springtime awakenings by traveling back and forth from my house to my mother’s house, mine aren’t as grand as New York tulips but I doubt New York tulips have to deal with a horde of hungry chipmunks as mine do each year. I consider myself lucky to have these that faithfully come up year after year.

My vinca minor, they give off purple blooms, are prolific this spring, they didn’t have to contend with the usual harsh winter which in my mind must be the reason I see purple everywhere I have vinca minor. They almost act like weeds which is why I’m not as gentle with them nowadays as I used to be in the beginning when I first planted them here and there, they are now everywhere.

I’m excited to see the rest of my garden wake up, it happens every year, yet it never gets old and boring. I get just as excited even knowing what it is going to look like roughly. One of the reasons I love gardening so much, it is one of my passions.