Make a Parisian flan, without a crust, just the custard, think of it as a custard pie, if you will. My mother’s favorite treat or at least one of them, she loves to eat it for breakfast, which is exactly what I did this morning, it was delicious; nice and eggy, firm yet soft on the throat going down, I thoroughly enjoyed it with my morning coffee.

It’s only a little tricky to make, you have to make a custard, rich and thick with the egg yolks and hot milk flavored with sugar and vanilla without making scrambled eggs since you make it over heat. The secret is to temper the egg mixture slowly and gently with a tiny bit of the hot milk mixture at a time before you can incorporate the eggs completely into the hot milk. I have had my share of scrambled eggs and that’s when you start all over again from scratch, a tedious process I will confess, but necessary if you want a delicious flan.

I didn’t make a crust because I find that it detracts from the flan itself and the flan is so firm, it doesn’t need the stability of a pie crust, it stands very well on its own. Also, sometimes it’s nice to have less work when you’re baking, not all the time, just sometimes.