Today at 8:00 a.m I went for my first post treatment PET scan, this scan will tell us if my treatment was successful or not. I was nervous last night, calm during the scan, I actually fell asleep in the machine, now I’m back to feeling nervous. I keep on thinking positive thoughts, but my thoughts aren’t having the desired effect on my stomach. My doctor, Dr. Sean, promised to call us tomorrow with the news, be it good or bad, so until we hear from Dr. Sean, I’m fairly certain that my stomach will be in turmoil. My husband is feeling the same way as I am, we’re thinking about going to see the newest Marvel movie tomorrow, something to distract us until we hear from Dr. Sean. We would go see the earliest screening so we would be less inclined to miss the doctor’s call.

I appreciate everyone’s well wishes and positive thinking, it helps so much to know I have all kinds of friends in my corner, my WordPress community, my FaceBook community and my immediate community as well as my entire family, here and overseas. When you are dealing with a tricky disease like cancer, it means so much to have so much emotional support. You don’t feel alone in your fight.

I’ll be writing more tomorrow, so until then I am going to lose myself in t.v watching, I do that very well.