My husband and I went to see Avengers:Civil War on our son’s recommendations and we weren’t disappointed. Though I have to confess to nodding off in the beginning of the movie, I’m still exhausted from my ordeal of the past few month, so I’m always tired, but it is extraordinarily rare that I fall sleep during a movie, the opening must have been a tad dull, lulling me to sleep with a slow pace, maybe that explains it. My husband woke me up when it started to get action packed, thank goodness, though in my defense I don’t think I would have slept longer, the action most certainly would have woken me up, I think, lol.

Once I was awake, the action came fast and furious. There were a few surprises, quite a few laughs and issues of moral principles which were intriguing and well presented. There were no clear cut heroes and no clear cut villains, there were questions of moral judgement and responsibility which made for a much more interesting movie experience. Story is the most important part of any movie and this movie had a great movie plot.

Definitely recommend seeing this movie if you like action movies.