Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends and family, I hope each mom gets spoiled on her special day. As you can see, I have been spoiled in roses, I love the colors, my favorite ones are the orange tinted roses, they came as such a surprise accompanied by my husband’s card that brought tears to my eyes, the words are so touching.

Today, I am getting my favorite present, time spent with our children, the whole point of Mother’s Day. I consider myself very lucky with our two children, they have grown up into fine young adults, I am so proud of them just for being who they are, I love just talking to them, they are fun to talk to, always something to say and something to teach me about technology and the new things happening in music, entertainment, politics and social issues. 

My husband is going to cook, so we are going to eat very well because he is a wonderful cook, I would even go as far as to say he would go far on any cooking show, he has that talent of being able to go into the refrigerator or the pantry and come up with ingredients perfect for an excellent dish. I don’t have that talent, I need the structure of a recipe, at least as a guide, I would get chopped so fast on any of those cooking shows. LOL 

Today is going to be a lovely day. I am very lucky on so many levels, I try to remember that each and every day.