It took awhile, but finally my creeping phlox has blossomed into its customary carpet of pale purple, in between the quirky winter and Lulu and Stanley’s paws, I consider my garden lucky to have the phlox return in all of its glory. I didn’t envisage exactly how great of a “footprint” the two big dogs would impart on my flower beds, their presence has me rethinking each flower bed in terms of replanting or more specifically not replanting and allowing for their foot traffic to dictate the shape and scope of the beds instead. I suppose that’s the nature of gardening, you have to be flexible with the seasons, Mother Nature herself and of course any animal friends you introduce to your household.

I’m still not 100% back to my old self, so I am not going to be as aggressive with the flower beds this year as I would have been in the past. I’m taking everything one day at a time and so whatever I manage to accomplish in the garden will have to suffice, at least for myself and I’m the only one who would be pushing myself, I need to be mindful of that and take it easy on myself, no one else is going to expect a wholly manicured garden.

I was complaining about the sad condition of my azaleas and I found a red blossom on one of the two.

Goes to show, you can never count something down and out because you never know, nature finds a way to surprise you. I had forgotten that I had planted a cutting from my huge rose bush in my pond flower bed, it survived the dogs and the winter! It even has a pansy from last year cuddling up to it, all nice and pretty. It’s the little things like this that make gardening so delightful.