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I know that Jack and Lulu aren’t puppies, but Stanley at 10 months old still qualifies, actually he will be considered a puppy until he is 3 years old.  That is a very long time of puppy shenanigans if you don’t mind me saying. We have been working with Stanley on his behavior, we’re trying to teach him to be more mindful of his size. We suspect he is still under the impression that he’s Jack’s size, as you can see from the pictures, he left that size a while ago. I personally don’t like to be jumped on, my husband doesn’t mind it, but I do, so I am working on that specific behavior with Stanley, it is work but I feel confident that he will understand Maman doesn’t get jumped on before long. Stanley is smart when he wants to be, more to the point when he feels like listening, he seems to have a stubborn streak because when he wants something, he keeps at it.

Jack is still trying to tunnel his way out of the back, the crazy little man. The hole in the fence way in the back had to be stoned off, but that hasn’t deterred Jack from trying to find a weakness in that area. Jack has even enlisted Stanely’s help in trying to escape, thank goodness Stanley hasn’t complied as of yet, I’m not sure if Stanley just doesn’t understand what Jack wants or if Stanley simply isn’t interested, either way I hope it stays that way. Lol