My husband and I are huge fans of the X-Men franchise, even before the movies ever came out, we used to watch the cartoons at home, having children is an excellent excuse to indulge in watching cartoons. I remember seeing the first X-Men movie and being excited that my favorite X-Men was practically center stage, Rogue played by Anna Paquin, unfortunately she didn’t last in the movie franchise, even though Rogue had been a huge factor in the cartoon franchise. 

Fast forward to this latest release and as you might surmise, my husband and I immensely enjoyed the movie; for close to three hours, we didn’t think of anything other than what was on the screen in front of us.

Since Rogue is out of the picture, my favorite X-Men is Quick Silver played by Evan Peters, the way he portrays Quick Silver is so joyous and freeing, it’s infectious, you want to be like him. What makes the movie successful is the story and the strength of all of its characters, in this movie we focus on the struggles of a young Jean Grey, who like every single young adult, is searching for who they are and how they fit in, Jean Grey’s struggles fit so clearly within the larger story, power and its control. 

However we can’t speak about the movie without addressing the heart of the cast of characters, Professor Charles Xavier, as a younger Charles, James McVoy plays him with such humanity, I fall in love with the character each time I see him.

For those who are X-Men fans, I highly recommend seeing the movie, it’s a great ride.