Our son’s girlfriend graciously invited all of us to her graduation party thrown for her and for her cousin, who also graduated  yesterday. The party was at her family’s home, not too far from where we live and we got the chance to meet her parents, her grandmother and various aunts and cousins. They made us feel very welcome, I was nervous meeting so many new people, the grandmother, one of the first I met, regaled me with fascinating tales of her travels abroad and made me feel very comfortable within a very short time. My husband found his own family member, Bill, who likewise entertained him with funny family stories and the time flew by as we made the rounds speaking to the parents, the aunts and exchanging funny anecdotes with the cousins. Before we knew it, it was past 4:00, the dogs were waiting patiently (I was hoping) at home to be fed and I was getting really tired, turning on social graces can be tiring, standing for several hours can tire one out as well, so we said our thank yous and goodbyes and made our way back home, very happy having met such a lovely family. We knew her family had to be lovely because she is such a delightful young lady, our son is so happy with her, you can see it in the picture.