When I first started gardening, I didn’t appreciate the difference between annuals and perennials, my interest centered around the beauty of the flower without considering whether it would come back the next year or not, what changed my perspective was the dianthus. I stumbled upon dianthus accidently, I saw beautiful color and a lot of it so I bought a few and lo and behold the following year, they came back, I quickly saw the economic benefits of perennials.

The pictures above are of two dianthus that have been giving me blooms for close to six years, the one that is battling for dominance with my out of control vinca minor and still in the bud stage, I planted to give my poolside a constant splash of color, the other dianthus in full bloom was gift from the birds (I think) because it emerged from in between the paving stones and I would never plant something in between the paving stones, thank you birds!