Having an English Mastiff is an adventure, but his size isn’t really the challenge for us, we had Rex our German Shepard and he weighed in at 140 lbs, so we were very used to having a very big dog and the accommodations needed to live harmoniously with him. Stanley is no different, if he is in the way you gently push him to the side, he’ll gladly move for you, if he is charging down the stairs, hold onto the bannister, push him off the couch if he’s crowding you, all things we used to do with Rex. The challenge I’m talking about is the drool, we have all been slobbered on; now when you are in lounge pants or pajamas, it’s a little icky but that’s it, the annoyance comes when you are wearing something nice and he walks up to you with his big smile and your outfit gets a huge smear of drool, that’s extremely annoying. Rex never did that, he kept his saliva in his mouth where it belonged. Stanley’s fur does keep his drool kind of in check, from what I read the short haired Mastiffs are even worse, their drool goes everywhere, Stanley’s fur absorbs quite a bit of it, thank goodness lol.