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My husband and I went to see Warcraft the movie and for 2 1/2 hours we were caught up in the world of magic, orcs, mages,dwarves, griffons, elves and men. Personally my favorite part was caught in the last picture above, Lothar the hero riding astride his griffon, I loved every scene that featured his griffon, they gave it personality and through the magic of CGI made it as majestic as I had always imagined them to be, I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy reader and griffons feature prominently in fantasy lore, they serve elves and knights often, griffons are a hybrid of the bald eagle and the lion, two top notch predators that embody noble characteristics, the combination of the eagle head and wings with the body of a lion creates a formidable adversary and they are loyal to a fault, fighting in concert with their master, very cool stuff.

I knew Warcraft is a very popular video game, our son played it often when he was younger, I had no idea how rich the storyline was, the creators have built an entire universe to rival many fantasy series that had captured my imagination. There is even a love story worthy of rooting for, who doesn’t love a good love story in the midst of a war between good and evil?

What didn’t enter my mind before sitting down for the movie was the franchise component, throughout the movie I was wondering about the happy ending, how the heroes were going to win the day and at the end, that is when I realized I had been watching the start of a franchise, there was no happy ending, only a hint of more battles to come. So now we look forward to the next installment to find out how the story unfurls.