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I have been wishing for rain for the past week, we were supposed to get rain on Tuesday, unfortunately the rain clouds passed us by, it is really dry up here in Blandford. There is the river alongside route 8 on our way down to New York, it is at the lowest I have seen in years, not good for the reservoirs, gardens or agriculture. I have been watering, but what I really want is for Mother Nature to do it for me so that I don’t have to lug the hose around and then put it away, yes I’m feeling lazy!

Some of the red roses almost look bleached by the sun which I don’t mind in the bunch, it gives more texture to the look.

My apricot roses have just bloomed so they are still fresh and bright, the rose bush has doubled in size from last year which surprised me since many of my other plants suffered more than usual from last year’s uneven winter.