We, my husband and I, embarked on a week long stay at my mother’s in New York with Jack, Lulu and Stanley. A Jack Russell, a Pitbull rescue and an English Mastiff puppy of 11 months, squeezed in the back of our sedan, which they handled wonderfully by the way. When I thought about it, driving down to New York I was worried about their comfort, I realized that at home they lay together, piled on top of each other, because they like it, there is a very large home for them to roam about and yet they prefer squeezing together on a chaise lounge chair, so the car wasn’t too much of a trial for them.

The three of them are spoiled with the backyard, we walk them in Watson Park next to the house, but those walks are no preparation for what a walk in New York means, the cars, the honking, the people and the overall energy level, it is the difference between night and day.

Jack and Lulu have been to my mother’s before and they remember the rules of doggie etiquette here in New York, go outside, walk beside your owner, do your business and don’t provoke the local dogs, you’re a tourist. Stanley has only been to Boston back when he weighed less than twenty pounds, he had no idea of what was in store for him. It was an eye-opener for not only him, but for us as well. Stanley is still a puppy, he just doesn’t look like one and his strength and his bark is enough to make everyone really nervous and even scared. He has been pretty good going around the block and for his size, that is more than enough exercise, I just don’t want to tempt fate too much by bringing him to Astoria Park where there are way more people and way more dogs. We are wading into the kiddie pool of socialization for Stanley, next time when he is more used to the energy and noise, we’ll take him to the park.

What’s kind of funny is that of all the dogs, Jack is the tougher one, he thinks he is allowed to sit anywhere, no matter how often I say no to my mother’s couches, he doesn’t care. Lulu understood immediately that her place was on the doggie bed, Jack had a little temper tantrum and wound up sulking under a chair.

I am looking forward to getting back to Blandford and the luxury of our backyard.