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Boy did I laugh! My husband laughed a lot as well. It was so funny, at least for my sense of humor, I admit I laugh very, very easily, but this was so funny, the dialogue was quick, the references were clever and funny and the physical humor wasn’t too over the top, just enough to make my laughter spontaneously erupt.

The cameos were brilliant, I won’t spoil them for you, but they were spot on and complete surprises! I watched all of the interviews and neither Dwayne Johnson nor Kevin Hart spilled the beans, the only part they shared, which was very important to the story, was the theme of bullying and its damaging effects. Both actors were disciplined in their promotion, I’m glad they were because it gave the movie a few extra lifts.

Dwayne Johnson has a gift for comedy and Kevin Hart did a great job being the straight man, they make for a perfect buddy movie team, they fit and compliment each other very nicely.

They set the movie up for a sequel and I look forward to it.