This evening my husband and I joined two dear friends of ours, Leib and Vinnie, at Rossini’s, a fine Italian restaurant specializing in Northern Italian cuisine. We had a lovely meal, but that was secondary compared to the fine company we enjoyed. My husband has known and worked with them since the 1980’s and I have known both of them since the early nineties, it has been a long relationship for all of us, long friendships like this creates certain inside jokes and verbal shortcuts that reinforce the shared understanding of a common history. These relationships make conversation that much easier and fun. I laughed out loud quite a few times, either because of my husband or because of Leib, they are both funny men. Vinnie tells great stories, he’s funny as well but his stories are worth a solid listen, I like listening to him, I learn more about his family, his work and his passions each time I see him. Leib also likes to intersperse humor in between his stories, I learned quite a bit about Leib as well this evening. I am so glad that they both made the point of inviting us out to dinner, I haven’t seen them in a while and I forget how much fun I have with both of them at dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Rossini’s is a well known Italian restaurant, I share some history with the restaurant, my father worked there for a while before he passed away. The owner remembered my father and gave me his condolences once again, he had attended my father’s memorial service 13 years ago, the owner is a very gracious man. It shows in his restaurant and the professionalism and courtesy of the staff is top notch, you are treated as a V.I.P when you are at Rossini’s. Dinner was wonderful, I started with calamari fritti, fried calamari which I couldn’t stop eating, it was a rather large portion of which I finished every single bite, I was worried about having room for my main course, pasta a la carbonara and I was right, I stalled at the halfway through point and I ended up taking the leftovers home to my mother’s house. Dessert, which Leib was adamant that I order, made its way into my belly even though I was full, funny how dessert manages to do that. I ordered the black raspberry tart and also a cappuccino, a perfect combination to end a fantastic meal, a great meal of fine dining and wonderful friends, life is good.