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I was worried for my favorite lily, I love its color, because when I planted her, I put her in the background near the fence where I thought she would be safe. This was prior to Jack, our dogs Marshall, Rex and Tuck stayed out of my flower gardens back then, but when Jack came onto the scene, he was all about hunting and patrolling the entire perimeter of the backyard. I never said anything to Jack because at 15 lbs, Jack never did any damage to my plants. I didn’t foresee how his actions would influence future dog acquisitions. So in come Lulu and Stanley, Jack’s faithful followers, imagine a 46 lb and a 100+ lb running back and forth along the perimeter, trampling everything in the way. Hooray for my lily, it survived the dog rampage.

These two pictures are a perfect example of what I’m talking about, little Jack peeking out amongst the ground cover while Stanley’s huge face right in the same spot, what a difference, lol. I love my balloon flower plant, I can’t decide which I love more, the sunflower or the balloon flower, they are both so gorgeous.

The summer blooms are out! My coneflowers and upright phlox are just starting to come into their own, what I love is that they keep their blooms much longer than the springtime blossoms. The colors are dramatic, a rich dark pink and a lovely shade of light purple. Looking through the pictures, the colors look nice all together, my plants help soothe my worries, it’s hard to be anxious when you are surrounded by beautiful colors and lovely scents.