I have been writing about my decision to leave my garden to its own devices and part of that was to accept “weeds” and discover the beauty of previously unknown wild flowers. These wild flowers must have always been here, but in my zeal to control and sculpt my garden, I was unfortunately pulling out these local beauties. What an inexpensive discovery! 

As I was walking back from the pool earlier this morning, crunching down on the straw which used to be grass, I realized how much money and worry I had saved myself by not buying anything from the nursery this year. If I had done this year what I did all of the years previously, I would have been a slave to the garden, all new plants are extremely susceptible to drought and this one is pretty rough. My perennials have been established for many years, their roots are long so they are withstanding this stressful growing season, any new plants would have probably died by now and my heart would have been sad with disappointment.  This is turning out to be a cool experiment.