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I hunkered down real low to take pictures of Jack’s kingdom, to get a better perspective of how he saw his world. His world looks pretty big from way down there, full of hidden pathways and spots to ferret out unsuspecting prey. I found a few dead voles and two bird carcasses which I cleaned up, Jack is merciless.

I only wish Jack didn’t show Stanley all of his tricks, Jack’s tiny holes have been dug into craters by Stanley, the tiny scratching at the honeysuckle’s roots turns into deep gouges and chunks casually ripped away, thank you Stanley. Jack’s nimble and spry leaping to and fro amongst the hosta, translates into crushed and trampled plants again thank you Stanley.

We had had big dogs, Marshall and Rex, so I was used to having the backyard filled with largish droppings and destroyed furniture inside the house, but I wasn’t prepared for the relandscaping my garden has undergone. It’s always an adventure with Jack and Stanley. Lulu stays above the fray, her contributions are the well worn paths along the fence’s perimeter. I wonder if our three dogs think they have it pretty good, I would love to know what they think of their lives with us. There is a reason why movies like “The Secret Lives of Pets” is making a killing at the box office, everyone is curious about that question.