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I have loved Jason Bourne since I first cracked open Robert Ludlum’s book back when I was a teenager. I remember the addicting thrill of suspense, I was hooked on the saga and the character’s journey through its web of intrigue and conspiracy theories. I even remember watching Richard Chamberlain playing Jason Bourne in a made for t.v movie costarring Jacklyn Smith as Marie. For me, Jason Bourne was even more thrilling than James Bond, he was grittier and more resourceful because he was battling not just his handlers, but at times even himself.

Which brings me to this latest installment, we have now journeyed with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne for several years and his interpretation of Jason Bourne, I think, captures who Jason Bourne should be; at this point in the saga, Jason Bourne should be emotionally and mentally tired and he definitely looked it in the movie which suited the story.

The themes were trust, truth, patriotism, freedom, privacy and what does it mean when you ask yourself “who am I?”. That is the quintessential question throughout the Bourne saga, “Who is Jason Bourne” and at the end of the movie, we feel a little closer to the answer of that question.

The action sequences were riveting, the locations used in the movie were as important as the characters and were well used to push the story forward. Las Vegas got partially blown up on the strip which was different, they did it old school with actual cars being thrown around left and right, very exciting to watch. Old school was another theme because part of what we like about Jason Bourne is that he is an all in kind of fighter, he uses everything and anything not bolted down as a weapon and to his advantage in a fight scene.

They set it up for another film, I just don’t know if Matt Damon will come back, he is 45 years old. At one point I would bet he must be thinking “I’m too old for this $^#@”, but I hope he comes back for another one, he feels like an old friend at this point.