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My husband, our son and I went to see Suicide Squad today, we were excited to see it despite the negative reviews. Our daughter had seen it on Thursday night and she told us it was a fun movie. We trust her judgment over other reviewers any day of the week.

I come into these types of movies not having read any of the comics, I have watched the cartoons when I was little, but Suicide Squad was not among the cartoons shown on t.v way back when, at least what from what I remember, so I don’t have preconceived notions about characters or origin stories. Having said that, I did find that character development was lop-sided during the movie. Will Smith’s character was better developed for example than that of Captain Boomerang or Slipknot, so as an audience member, you’re left with questions as to why the character is there and what motivates them aside from the easy label of bad guy. The critical characters had stronger back stories, but if you’re going to have a large cast, it would have been nice for better balance.

Viola Davis was one tough cookie, I would argue that she was as much of a psychopath as the suicide squad members and I would love to know more about her. Maybe in future movies, we will get to know her better, her character as a “good guy” is just as fascinating as a “bad guy” like Deadshot.

I was entertained for close to two hours and that’s all I ask for, my mind was diverted from other worries and that’s what counts.