My mother and I walked to Astoria Park hoping that being next to the water, the East River, would give us a breeze, making the humidity and heat more manageable. It worked out exactly as we had hoped, we sat on a bench near the water, enjoying the breeze and watching the speed boats, fishing boats and huge barges pass by, some slowly and others speeding away down the river.

Astoria Park is full of memories for me, my mother was reminiscing about the times she would stroller me to the park before I could walk, forty eight years ago. Myself, I spent years and years playing and hanging out at Astoria Park with my friends. It has changed a little bit over the decades, the playground is still new looking, they gave a facelift to Astoria Park’s pool and they transformed the two way street to a one way street for vehicles and a nice wide path for bicycles.

It’s always nice to visit childhood places and still recognize its essence and specialness.