My mother’s hydrangea tree is still beautiful, the rest of her garden still looks perky despite the heat during the waning days of summer. As I was driving down on route 8, near the Connecticut border, I spied some orange and red leaves making their appearance and I silently screamed NO!!!!!!! It’s too early! Thank goodness there was no sign of changing leaf color down here in New York, I’m not ready. 

My mother and I went out to dinner at Two Lizards, a Mexican restaurant on Ditmars Blvd, it was pretty good, we liked two out of the three things ordered. We enjoyed having our guacamole made for us at table side, that was a hit, we also enjoyed the flour tortillas stuffed with wild mushroom, spinach and cheese, but we didn’t like the poached shrimp and scallop in Clamato juice, orange juice, cilantro and tomato. I think we were envisioning it to be similar to a ceviche, that was our mistake, it had nothing to do with ceviche, it was lacking in brightness and freshness, it tasted like tired shrimp and scallops swimming in a weird tomato juice. We were disappointed to say the least, however the first two appetizers were definite keepers, so we’ll go back.