Lulu is back home safe and sound after deciding to visit the neighborhood for a bit this morning, she gave us a bit of a scare, it wasn’t her fault, the gate blew open, the dogs got out, though Stanley and Jack got distracted by our next door neighbor’s dogs while Lulu gave in to her curiosity to see what was beyond our backyard. It took all of a few minutes for Lulu to get away, she didn’t get far, she was seen in the center of town and then at the fairgrounds. 

What is so frustrating about trying to track your dog down is that while you go one way, the dog is running the other way and then circling around past you in another direction. That is what must have happened this morning as I was first walking to find Lulu and then in the car, as I went down every side road in Blandford, through the park, into the fairgrounds and down in the cemetary. There was no sign of her, but luckily Lulu went right up to someone at the fairgrounds and with her tags, we were called by the dog officer, alerting us that she had Lulu all set to be picked up and taken back home. Small towns are great for situations just like this, a curious dog wanting to visit for a change.

Stanley and Jack were very happy to have their Lulu back home, they definitely showed her a lot of love, sniffing her and licking her all over, making sure she was fine. I don’t think she minded too much.