Look at how blue the sky is, it still has the rich summer feel to it, the air may not feel like summer, but at least the sky still looks like it. This is my only ornamental grass, this year it got out of hand, the outer half is flopping down like a raggedy doll while the inner part is trying its best to stand straight and tall, it’s a mess. I do find it at its most beautiful in the fall, when the seeds are waving in the breeze like elegant amber fans, which brings to mind the song “America, the beautiful” my own little version in my front yard. I looked up the writer and I was reminded that Katherine Lee Bates, an English professor at Wellesley College, wrote the song inspired by her travels through Colorado, she was on a mountain top looking out at the magestic beauty all around her. We do live in a gorgeous country, wait, we live on a gorgeous planet, how lucky are we?