My mother and I finally went to see Bridget Jones’s Baby, I was reminded why I liked the character so much, she is so exasperatingly adorable and loveable. In the several years separating the last Bridget Jones movie from this one, you would think a character would have matured, however even though our poor Bridget still hasn’t quite gotten her act together,  you still root for her. My appreciation for Mister Darcy has not died down, no matter how charming Hugh Grant’s character was, I was rooting for Mister Darcy, just like in Jane Austen’s world, Mister Darcy may be severe and more than a little taciturn, but there is something about him that pulls at my sensibilities. My mother and I enjoyed the movie, me more than her, she found it a little long in the middle, myself I was happy watching Bridget navigate herself through a confusing pregnancy. I really liked it, after all, it had Mister Darcy.