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My mother and I have been cooking together for awhile and since I visit with her so often, we have taken the opportunity to experiment with different recipes and it’s been good eating if I do say so myself, lol. I forget what prompted us to search the internet for a recipe for oven roasted sea bass, but I looked and found an excellent recipe on the epicurious website, oven roasted sea bass with ginger and lime. This recipe isn’t just excellent in taste, it’s so easy to prepare with a minimum of ingredients.

We got four sea bass filets, salt and peppered them and laid them out in two oiled Pyrex dishes, the oven was preheated to 400 degrees. Beforehand I had minced a large shallot, grated an inch of fresh ginger, chopped two heaping tablespoons of cilantro, squeezed about two tablespoons of lime juice and poured about two tablespoons of soy sauce into bowl and mixed three teaspoons of olive oil with all of these ingredients. I spooned some of the sauce over each of the filets until there wasn’t any sauce left. My mother had brown rice cooking on the stove top, as soon as the rice had 15 minutes left, we put the Pyrex dishes in the oven and 12 minutes later everything was ready. It was delicious and practically no work, we could have been at a restaurant, this recipe wasn’t something we ordinarily make, which made it more fun.

Cooking with my mother is fun, we take the opportunity to step out of our food comfort zone, we have experimented with Thai curries, red and green, both very tasty and now we have this keeper under our belt. Who knows what’s next, whatever it is, I look forward to making it with my mother.