I was pleasantly surprised when I found fresh lavender ripe for a second harvest. All I was planning to do was to cut the faded lavender I have outback  and add it to my dried flower bouquets, what a bonus to discover pretty purple spikes ready to come inside to brighten a room. Dried lavender still smells lovely and calming, it makes me feel better when I take a long whiff, just as much as when I smell the fresh lavender in my special vase.

It’s been hard these past few weeks, learning that my chemo wasn’t working and my cancer is most probably chemo resistant, and now waiting for the pharmaceutical company and the health insurance company to come to an agreement about my immunotherapy treatmen, waiting and staying zen are straining at my emotions. It is bringing me to new depths of patience and optimism since these are what will guide me through the next steps. The difficulty is not knowing what the future holds, not that we ever really know what the future has in store for us. I make it a point of telling myself that nothing is really different, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, I wake up everyday with an amazing family, three hilarious dogs and wonderful friends, what more can a person ask for?