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Massachusetts General is right off Charles Street and Beacon Hill, it is such a lovely area. My son and I were very excited thinking of lunch after my visit with the neurosurgeon. I have to say my journey is definitely not boring, it’s quite the adventure. My second MRI has shown a new tumor, I hadn’t even noticed it, I literally have a new bump on the top of my head, they showed it to me today, it doesn’t hurt so I was blissfully oblivious. The tumor is mostly in the bone, some in the brain’s barrier, nothing major, the neurosurgeon was confident that it can be excised. The neurosurgeon also gave me hope for my headaches, he is sure that my headaches are due to a faulty absorption and release rate in my meninges, the brain’s lining and that is causing pressure, so he while he’s in there taking care of the tumor, he plans to put in a shunt to drain the excess fluid buildup and headache gone, hooray for me!

Now back to lunch, my son and I went to Ma Maison right down the street from Mass. Gen. on Cambridge Street. It was wonderful, I started with a butter cream and wild mushroom soup, my son had a lobster bisque, we then split a foie-gras poΓͺle with red wine poached pear, to die for, and lastly for the main course, I had moules frites and my son had a coq au vin. We enjoyed everything, the ambience, the decor, the food, the coffee and the service. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Boston area.